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wilhelmsthal palace

One of the finest Rococo palaces in Germany sits in the centre of picturesque Wilhelmsthal Park near Calden to the north of Kassel. The three-wing structure, built between 1747 and 1761 by Landgrave Wilhelm VIII (1751–1760) of Hesse Kassel to serve as a maison de plaisance, still gives an impression of what life was like for princes and servants at a ruler's court in the late Absolutist era thanks to the historical layout of the rooms, which has survived almost unchanged.

The decorator, Johann August Nahl the Elder (1710–1781), covered the walls and ceilings with valuable fabrics and beautifully detailed floral and rocaille ornaments, furnishing every room of the princely apartments with its own individual splendour. Notable features are the state dining room on the ground floor and the so-called Gallery of Beauties – a series of portraits depicting attractive ladies of the court of Wilhelm VIII that still grace the two anterooms of the Landgrave's apartment. 

The historical ambiente is completed by valuable furniture including a small »peacock feather« chest of drawers dated c. 1755 and considered unique because of its inlaid decor. Lacquered French furniture and a large collection of East Asian and European china add some more highlights to an exquisite interior.