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about us

Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK) is an institution of the State of Hesse, continuing a 600-year tradition of collecting, preserving and displaying. Over the course of centuries the collecting passions of landgraves and electors accumulated a treasury of great art, much of which has been preserved in its original locations. These numerous and varied art treasures are the main focus of our work. We are committed to the traditional goals and tasks of museum work: collecting, preserving, displaying; researching, and conveying. This holds good for historical monuments and gardens as well. 

MHK's staff draw up exhibition concepts, guided tours and programmes for the museums, palaces and parks, develop promotional material, and raise awareness of the offers and events via public relations work. We conduct research on the collections' topics, ensure that the objects are maintained and cared for in accordance with proper monument preservation, conservatorial or gardening practice, and make sure that the activities of one of the largest cultural institutions in Germany are well organised and running smoothly.

Our group of museums, palaces and historical parks contributes significantly to the intellectual and cultural identity both of the city of Kassel and the federal state of Hesse, especially northern Hesse. We see ourselves as a lively, vibrant cultural institution. Visiting one of our facilities involves active learning as well as fun, recreation and spiritual recovery. Our staff will be happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, offering a variety of approaches that are as professionally sound as they are enjoyable and inspiring. By attractive special exhibitions and a wide range of events, MHK aims at appealing to a large audience and visitors of all ages, origins and backgrounds.

As for the cultural legacy maintained and cared for by Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel, it is our task to preserve these tangible treasures inherited from the past for future generations and to make them accessible and experienceable as the foundation of an intangible but socially essential canon of values.